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Fieldfisher Consulting is the consultancy arm of  Fieldfisher, the leading international law firm.  Together, we offer a single, seamless, integrated, multi-disciplinary legal and consultancy service.

Our Approach

Few of the challenges faced by large organisations – whether in the public, private or voluntary sector – are neatly labelled "legal" or "commercial" or "technical" or "management" problems.   That's why they require a holistic approach, combining legal and consultancy services in a single, seamless, integrated service.

Fieldfisher Consulting comprises a team of highly experienced management consultants and senior business executives, with impressive credentials in both the public and private sectors, who are working seamlessly with colleagues in the Fieldfisher law firm.   If required, we can offer a standalone consulting service, just as Fieldfisher can offer a standalone legal service.   But whenever possible, Fieldfisher Consulting works with Fieldfisher to provide a multi-disciplinary legal and consultancy service to meet our clients' multi-dimensional needs.

This website describes our services, introduces our people, and provides our latest news.

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Lost in SIAM

October 24, 2014 / 0 Comments
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